Orik Contactless Payment Platform

Orik’s Contactless Payment Platform is a comprehensive and secure solution that covers the entire NFC ecosystem supporting multiple types of devices such as NFC Cards, Mobile Phones, SIM Overlays, MsD Cards, etc. as well as multiple application types such as Automated Fare Collection, Micropayments, Utility Payments, Debt Collection, etc.

Any organization, large or small, that is looking to deploy a NFC based solution, can easily adopt our platform and offer multiple services with ease.

Device Provisioning

Our platform supports the provisioning of multiple devices such as NFC Cards, Mobile phones, MsD Cards, SIM Overlays and etc. it supports a range of technologies such as Mifare Classic, MifareDESFire and Felica.

Data Acquisition

Our platform supports for number of hand held and fixed devices for transaction acquisition from NFC enabled devices. Data and transaction security is enhanced in the devices through Security Access Modules (SAMs), encrypted data transfer to the settlement host as well as secure backup on MsD cards.

Device Management

Our platform includes a comprehensive device/terminal management host, designed to manage multiple data acquisition devices that are deployed on the field. The system also manages the complex data transfer and routing requirements between the device / terminal and to the backend system.

The following are some of key functions performed by the device/terminal management host.

Device / Terminal lifecycle management

The host allows managing details that are pertaining to terminals. It supports add, edit, delete, block, unblock of devices / terminals.

Enhanced product security

Data security is a main mandate of terminal management host. Product security is enhanced through Hardware security Modules (HSMs).

Product robustness

At a given time, 2000 terminals can be connected simultaneously through the terminal communication host.

Extended terminal tracking ability

System is built in with Geo-fencing through GPS. Handheld terminals can be tracked where they are located and have the ability to notify relevant authorities if terminal exists from the permitted geographical boundaries.

Transaction Management

The transaction management (settlement) host is one of the key aspects of our platform. Developed in compliance to a clustered architecture, the settlement host manages and settles the transaction with the back end financial system.

Built with an extensive report generation mechanism, the settlement host is capable in handling financial transaction data securely and has the ability to integrate/connect into a third party financial system such as an ATM switch of a bank or even with the core banking system.