Orik Trusted Service Manager (Orik TSM)

Orik TSM is a highly scalable platform designed to meet the needs of anyone desiring to remotely manage secure devices and applications. It is a revolutionary service platform, which allows for cross-functional deployment across partners, customers and market segments. This solution is independent of carriers, financial institutions or associations, but allows for the direct integration ability to any of the above.

Orik TSM is primarily designed for transportation and retail payment solutions, while implementing end-to-end security for communicating with the secure elements to ensure the maximum possible security for all sensitive data.

Orik TSM can be deployed as a multi-tenant service, in order to accommodate different business entities, in a single instance and is carefully architected to comply with appropriate industry standards and certification requirements.

Orik TSM device and application management platform is fully compliant with GlobalPlatform standards, which are widely accepted as the secure communication framework to manage secure elements.

TSM Interactions

Orik TSM Services

  • Device lifecycle management
  • Device management
  • Application management:
    • Application lifecycle management
    • Rule-based application provisioning
    • Application publishing
  • Dashboard for monitoring system, device activity